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Agree to Conditions of Use

In order to join membership, please read and agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.

Cafe24 User Agreements Required

Collect and Use of Personal
Information Required

Terms and Conditions of Cafe24 Shopping Mall Hosting Service Required

Member Verification

In case of passport number, additional submission of verifying documents is required.
Please read 'Member Verification Guide' below

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Member Verification
Registration Number Required
Verification Check Verified

[About providing personal identification number]
In order to verify members, company will collect and keep personal identification number (passport number, foreign registration number] until members terminate their accounts.
If you do not agree with providing personal identification number, you may use mobile or I-pin verification as alternative methods

Name Required
Date of Birth Required Year Month Day
Gender Required

Member Verification Guide

  • Mobile and I-pin verification is alternative method provided by Korea Communication Commission. These alternative methods allows you to join without using your personal identification number.
  • Mobile Verification : You must be the owner of phone number, in order to process member verification.
  • I-pin Verification : you must have your own I-pin account in order to process. [Get your I-pin account]
  • In case of using passport verification, please enter valid name and passport number.
  • In case of passport number, additional verification is required. Please make a copy of passport and submit it by the steps below.
    Verification Documents :
    1 Copy of passport
    How to submit :
    (Please mention your 'ID' information and 'Request of Foreign Member Verification' phrase on your documents.)

Member Verification

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In order to protect your personal information, last digit will be marked as " * ".